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Quad Lock is the World's Lightest and Strongest Mounting System on the market. Its patent pending dual stage locking systems also makes it the most secure solution for mounting your smart phone to your bicycle, car or even your arm! The unique design integrates part of the locking system into the rear of a durable phone case which allows the mounts to be low profile and unobtrusive. The ever increasing array of mounting solutions means you can quickly and conveniently mount your phone to your bike, in your car, to your arm while running, on your belt while working, to a tripod while shooting photos and on just about any flat surface all while knowing your phone is safe and securely attached. Quad Lock Products can be purchased fromĀ

Opena case is the original and best iPhone bottle opener case. Originally funded on the crowd funding platform Kickstarter, the Opena quickly established a cult like following and gained interest from celebrities including Ashton Kutcher, Jamie Oliver and Cali Lewis. With its unique retractable bottle opener blade and high quality materials it quickly became a the king of iPhone bottle opener cases and became an overnight success. The Opena is available for iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 from