Annex Products

Here at Annex Products, we value the importance of environmental and social sustainability. We are committed to ethical and sustainable processes in every aspect of our business.These are just a couple of things that we do to ensure that we are doing our bit for the environment.

 -   We endeavour to develop our products with environmentally friendly materials. All of our products are fully recyclable as they are manufactured with recyclable polycarbonate

 -   Our product packaging is fully recyclable as it is manufactured from paper material and PET plastic. We encourage all of our customers to dispose of the packaging in a responsible manner.

 -   We utilise small product packaging as part of our attempt to lower our emissions at the transportation stage of our supply chain

 -   We endeavour to lower our emissions in our office space. We utilize energy saving globes, and energy efficient electronic devices. We also have office recycling initiatives in place.

 -   We are also fully committed to our social responsibility. All employees are exposed to safe working conditions, and fair work practices at every stage of the supply chain