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The best iPhone 5 bike mount on the market!

The Quad LockĀ® Bike Mount Kit is the lightest and strongest iPhone 5 Bike Mount on the market. The kit supplies everything you need to securely mount your iPhone 5 to your bike or motorbike.

With your iPhone securely mounted to your bike the true mobile power of the iPhone is unleashed while riding. Navigate to your destination with Maps or track your speed and distance using apps like Strava, Garmin or Roadbike just to name a few. The Quad LockĀ® iPhone bike mount means you can now even see and screen incoming calls, messages and email while riding and quickly make the decision whether to answer or just keep on peddling. 

The design of the Quad Lock iPhone Bike mount is perfect for not only serious cyclist but for commuters too. Using our patented mounting technology your iPhone can be attached in literally seconds, just press, twist and your off and cycling. 

The Quad Lock Bike Mount PRO is the lightest and strongest iPhone bike mounting system on the Market! Using our Patented Quad Lock dual action locking mechanism the Bike Mount PRO secures your iPhone to your MTB, road bike  or Motorbike.

Written by Chris Peters — February 01, 2013