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Quick and easy to install

The Quad Lock™ Universal adapter has a super strong 3M® VHB adhesive which can be adhered to most phones, tablets and cases. The bond is very strong but can be removed by applying heat (from a source such as a hair dryer) if you need to remove it.

Installation is simple just peel and stick the adaptor onto your device. Customer are already reporting great success stories using the Universal Adaptor to mount their Android smart phones, GoPro cameras and their favourite protective iPhone case such as Otterbox™ and Lifeproof™. 

Universal Adaptors only! Mounts sold separately here Quad Lock Wall Mounts or Quad Lock Bike Mount PRO 

The Universal Adaptor coupled with the Bike Mount PRO make a great GoPro mounting solution. 

Written by Chris Peters — September 12, 2012