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With your iPhone securely mounted to your bike the power of the iPhone is unleashed while riding. Navigate to your destination using Google maps or track your speed and distance using apps like Strava, Garmin or Roadbike just to name a few. The iPhone bike mount means you can screen incoming calls, messages and email while riding and quickly make the decision whether to answer or just keep on peddling. You can even listen to music on the go!

The design of the Quad Lock™ iPhone Bike mount is perfect for not only serious cyclist but also for commuters too. Your iPhone can be  attached in seconds, just press, twist and your off and cycling. And being a tough polycarbonate hard case, it also protects your iPhone when your not on the move.


Here's what people are saying about the Quad Lock® Mounting System.

"For the average bike commuter or ride around town person - it’s flippin’ awesome." -

"The tough polycarbonate case is sleek and thin with easy access to all the buttons, and it provided decent protection" -

"All in all the Quad Lock iPhone 4/4S Wall Mount Kit gets a good review from me.  I like the way the case feels.  It has an excellent texture... The case also has just enough heft to make if feel like it has that “quality feel” to it (one of the differences most people notice between cheap junk and quality items)." -

"Industrial design on the Quad-Lock iPhone mount is good; a cleat with a shoe is smart and so is the rubber band attachment method. The fit, finish, and packaging are also well done." - 

"Just received my Quad Lock kit. Everything about it, the packaging, the iPhone case and the bike mount... great quality." - B Arthur via Facebook

"The locking mechanism on my motorbike handlebars and stuck to my dash has been rock solid so far... Kudos, guys. This is a Kickstarter done good!" - B.Backenson via Facebook 

"One of the coolest iPhone accessories of 2011 on KickStarter." - 

Written by Chris Peters — September 10, 2012